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Man flees burning car

A man escaped injury today after his car burst into flames on the Great North Road.

The incident took place just past the Waterview tunnel during rush hour. The driver was able to pull off the main road, and major traffic hold-ups were avoided.

The car was traveling West when a following motorist noticed thick black smoke coming form the inside of the car, and raised the alarm.

The 75-year-old driver of the burning car managed to park in a side street.

Fire fighters secure the car after the incident. Image / Ezra Woods
Fire fighters secure the car after the incident. Image / Ezra Woods

The man then attempted to return to rescue items from the boot as the car was engulfed in flames.

“I saw the smoke billowing. He was fine, got out ok then he went to the boot, trying to get stuff out. I ran over, told him to get away from the car before it blew up,” said an eyewitness at the scene.

Fire Chief Mark Griffin of the Avondale fire station said: “The fire had started from inside the car. A lot of the fires we have are in the engine compartment and it’s contained by the firewall.”

He added: “Unfortunately for this gentleman it’s caught fire on the inside of the car. And that’s where most of the combustible material is. Once the fire gets going the inside is quite flammable. That’s why we’ve seen the fire develop as fast as it has.“

The elderly driver was left shaken by the incident, but was unharmed.

Listen to the audio version of the story below:

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