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Shoes, clothes and toys win Click Monday (audio)

Online sale event Click Monday, which offers consumers deals from over 60 retailers, kicked off its 24 hours of deals on Monday evening.

Retailers had orders made as soon as 7:03pm, just three minutes after the first event of the year was published, with shoppers looking for super specials on their favourite New Zealand brands.

Jeremy Bank of Shoe Connection said that he’s “really pleased with an uplift of three to four times in sales, and expect this to be higher in November.” Other retailers also reported an increase in sales, ranging from double their normal intake to ten-times their expected revenue.

The newly-established and highly popular category of Food and Wine had the most notable sale of the evening, however.

“Veuve Clicquot was a super hot product,” says Cate Bryant, co-organiser of the event. “We’ve heard that there was actually an order placed for several thousand dollars worth.”

The event didn’t have as many participants as its previous counterpart, but the organisers put this down to people not thinking about Christmas yet.

“We can’t wait to do it all again, but bigger, in November,” adds Bryant.

The next Click Monday event will be on the 24th November over at


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