Mobilisation record shattered (audio)

avazz mobilisation movement
New Yorks streets filled with protesters. Photo /

Global movement group Avaaz set out to break the world record for biggest mobilisation in the world by having a protest march against the ravages of climate change.

“With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll take a stand to bend the course of history,” notes a message on the group’s the website.

Over 657,000 joined the march on Manhattan’s streets, which were joined by protests in over 160 countries including Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Buses were bringing protestors from all over America, including Carol Sulton from Norwalk, Conneticut.

“I’m here because I really feel that every major social movement in this country has come when people get together,” said Sulton.

The march was followed with the presentation of the petition to the United Nations with over 2 million signiatures handed to, United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon in New York.