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Newly-found journalist must reveal sources (audio)

Blogger Cameron Slater is being sued by Matthew Blomfield.

The case was in the Manukau District Court on September 26, until Slater refused to reveal his sources under the protection of the Evidence Act 2006.

The matter was transferred to the High Court as Judge Blackie declined the protection given to Slater and his sources.

Judge Asher found that in the context of the law Slater was a journalist at the time, and that his blog Whaleoil was a news medium.

Asher also ruled that under section 68 of the Evidence Act that Slater must still reveal his sources as there is public interest in the disclosure of their identities.

Neither party were able to comment due to an injunction from the High Court.

“I believe that people who have no interest in me or my case will see the decision as a natural outcome,” Mr. Slater wrote on

The matter will be transferred back to the District Court.

The full ruling can be found here.

Dale Smith
Dale is a young adult aspiring to break into the world of broadcasting and journalism. He has a keen interest in politics and the law system but often looks out for the communities stories. He lives on the North Shore and has a passion for wrestling.
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