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Former Miss World New Zealand breezes to windy city

Collette Kelly has just graduated with a diploma in radio broadcasting and successfully secured her first job with radio station The Breeze in Wellington.

She came to the New Zealand Radio Training School (NZRTS) in Auckland with the intention of going in to the radio industry.

Kelly chose NZRTS to follow her passion for media, after perusing her options she felt that the specialisation was the way to achieve her goals. “I felt like the other media courses available are really for people who don’t know what they want to do, they are very general,” she says.

“This course was just the tip of the iceberg to get the job. It was almost worth paying to get the chance to learn from people that have the level of experience on offer at NZRTS. This is something you must really like to study, it is very specific,” she adds. “The reason why I wanted to do radio, was the chance to do journalism.”

Kelly also said she felt the opportunity to go in to radio would one day give her the chance to transition to television or journalism.

She wanted to be valued for her skills and personality, not just her looks, she added. Kelly is a former Miss World New Zealand.

“The perception of everyday New Zealanders is that being Miss World is purely visual based, when in reality there is so much more to it,” Kelly explains.

“My main objective is to not have people base their perceptions of me on that, because doing Miss World has been such a positive experience for me. It has opened so many doors, so many opportunities.”

Kelly has secured her first job as the Promotions Manager for The Breeze and has relocated to follow her dreams.

Hugh Jannings
Hugh Jannings is an aspiring broadcaster and journalist with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He achieved his goals at the New Zealand Radio Training School.
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