Neighbouring colony

Craddock family farms are a leading egg supplier
Craddock family farms are a leading egg supplier. Photo / Sam Worthington

One of New Zealand’s leading egg suppliers is facing opposition from local residents in neighbouring properties.

For Craddock Family farms, which is located South of Auckland, a huge change in chicken farming has not only brought about the purchase of a new piece of land and plans to rebuild, but a disagreement with local residents has also arisen.

A group of people have set up a petition in a bid to stop the build of a new colony cage farm in their area.

There have been complaints about potential noise, dust and smell levels says Pania Childs, office manager of Craddock Farms.

The new farm is located 2km out of the town centre and is zoned for a food production area, not rural residential.

A hearing is taking place in November; the outcome of which will determine the fate of the new colony farm.

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