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High school combats student tradition

A South Auckland high school had extra security guards patrolling the grounds over the weekend as it was the last week of school for their 7th formers.

In the past the last day of school has been met with pranks and vandalism from the 7th form students and this year the 3rd of November was no different.

Jacqui Bennebroek is currently a 7th form student at the school, she says none of the students wanted to “wreck” the school and that it was just going to be “a bit of fun” for their last day.

Wrapping teachers’ cars up in glad wrap, egging cars, chalk tagging and water ballooning were all part of the student’s 7th form prank this year.

According to Dennis Conroy, the Managing Director for the security company, it was a “non-event” on the weekend, but he suspected that as soon as they had left “something would happen”.

The students were addressed in an assembly two weeks ago and were warned that if any vandalism was to take place there would be fines and other serious consequences.

In recent years the school fields have been covered in obscenities written in weed killer, students have put road cones on classroom roofs and one year they parked all of their cars in the main quad area at the school.

The annual event traces back many years. According to past students it is a way for them to leave their final ‘mark’ on the school before they leave.

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