Monday, August 2, 2021
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Retailers targeted by scammers

Local Pukekohe and Waiuku businesses have been targeted by scammers.

The culprits have been asking shop cashiers to give change for a $20 note. They then claim that they have handed over a note of a higher value, hoping the cashier won’t dispute this.

One shop attendant who was targeted, Shannon Downs, says she was quite shaken by the ordeal and claims that one of the scammers, a female, was “very persistent and quite abusive”.

Downs says she’s “not an idiot” and “knows how to count” and wants anybody else who is targeted to lodge a complaint with police.

A number of Pukekohe cafes and shops have since come forward with similar complaints, and some retailers have opted to alter their cash-out policies.

No arrests have been made to date.

Police say businesses need to make sure their till system is robust, and to be vigilant when people ask for change.

Samantha Worthington
Samantha is an aspiring broadcast journalist who loves to write, talk and most importantly, eat. Born and raised in Auckland, NZ.
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