Students strive to save lives

Ben Coley donating a defibrillator to Whitireia CEO Don Campbell. Image / Peter Black

Graduates from the 2014 New Zealand Radio Training School (NZRTS) class have donated a defibrillator to the Whitireia Auckland campus.

The students ran a low power FM station which broadcast online and throughout central Auckland for three months. The class felt they wanted to give something back to the training institute because of the quality of the experience they received.

The station the students ran was called The Pulse, which broadcasts with the slogan “The beat never stops”. The slogan inspired the students to investigate procuring a defibrillator for the campus, after discovering the school did not have one on the premises.

The class went to the local community to raise the funds required to purchase the defibrillator, and found a benefactor in Malcolm Dick, co-founder of internet service provider Slingshot.

NZRTS tutors Larry Summerville and Kim Adamson were also integral in the acquisition of the defibrillator.

Student Ben Coley presented the defibrillator to Whitireia CEO Don Campbell at the 2014 graduation ceremony.

Coley said: “On behalf of Malcolm Dick and the Slingshot team, our lecturers Kim and Larry, myself and The Pulse team. I would like to donate this defibrillator to Whitireia and the surrounding businesses, hopefully they never have to use it.

“Thank you. And may the beat never stop.”