Legal high consultation closing

Legal Highs are expected to be sold again. Photo / Wikimedia

Auckland Council is inviting Aucklanders to have their say on the sale of legal highs.

Councillor George Wood, chairperson of the Auckland Council Regional Strategy and Policy Committee, says that Aucklanders need to be ready for when the products are legal again.

“Whether we like it or not, central government will at some point license these substances to be sold again. When that happens, this policy will dictate where that will happen in Auckland,” says Wood.

“It may be that you object to the sale of the products near your home, near your child’s school or anywhere in the city – or it may be that you are perfectly fine with them being sold.”

Peter Dunne, Associate Minister of Health, says people need to familiarise themselves with the legislation he introduced in 2013.

“There are no psychoactive substances on sale in [New Zealand] now, nor are there likely to be for years to come, thanks to my legislation,” said Dunne, adding, “…no companies have yet applied to register products. My only comment would be that people read and understand the legislation.”

The legislation ensures that there is a high cost for manufacturing the product.

Submissions close at 4pm Friday, and can be made here.

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