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Review: Music in the Valley

When you go to an event you want either talent you can enjoy, or you want to have confidence that the organisers are gonna know how you’re going to feel as the night goes on.

In this instance, the organisers managed to grasp exactly how the audience was going to feel and enjoy.

John McCauley was the first act of the night. McCauley sounded like a Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan hybrid. John plays and enjoys playing the guitar, and he’s currently working on releasing an EP.

Round Buddah followed McCauley, and their unique jazz style music was pleasant to the ear. The band included your typical saxophone, and was a nice addition with the bass and drums.

Once the sun set, more bands came out to play.

The Bonnie Strides were the first “band” to play. These are your normal folk-genre sound, with the flute being played for a couple of their songs that stands out when it does.

Adventures with Rhubarb followed and they had a sound that you could either relax and enjoy or get up and dance to. The sound was described by the audience as a “Jethro Tull – folk mix that brightens the cloudy night skies”.

By this time I had built up a lot of energy, and then the Te Henga Collective came out. They could very well have been the main event of the night. They weren’t, and the night ended with Benson Breeze.

Overall, it was a great night that was enjoyed by most, and I would definitely do it again.

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Dale Smith
Dale is a young adult aspiring to break into the world of broadcasting and journalism. He has a keen interest in politics and the law system but often looks out for the communities stories. He lives on the North Shore and has a passion for wrestling.
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