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Key’s humour hits bum note

Prime Minister John Key’s sense of humour has come under fire.

Key has been accused of making light of sexual harassment as he faced questions from Labour leader Andrew Little.

Little asked Key if he stood by his statement that State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie made a “serious miscalculation” over the handling of a sexual harassment complaint against former Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority boss Roger Sutton.

“Yes,” replied Key.

Added Little: “Was it a serious miscalculation for Iain Rennie to hold a joint press conference with Roger Sutton, after receiving advice against it from his own communications staff?”

Key responded: “In my opinion, yes.”

“Does he accept that the head of his own Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet made a serious miscalculation by appearing at the joint press conference and embracing Roger Sutton at the end?” replied Little.

Key added: “I do, although that should not be taken as a marriage proposal.”

The opposition benches erupted, taunting Mr.Key, saying it was no joking matter.

To which the Prime Minister replied: “You are a joke – that I am disappointed in their behaviour.”

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