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Kim Dotcom’s driving conviction ‘not a consideration’ for NZSIS

The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) says Kim Dotcom’s driving conviction wasn’t “a consideration” for the organisation when it was engaged in undertaking a security check as part of the tycoon’s residency application.

The information, requested under the Official Information Act 1982, was released after court documents revealed that Dotcom had checked a specific box on his residency application.

Dotcom stated that he didn’t have a criminal conviction in New Zealand, omitting the fact that he had a dangerous driving conviction for driving 99km/h over the speed limit.

Rebecca Kitteridge, Director of Security for the Security Intelligence Service, says the check wasn’t a part of the agency’s role.

“The NZSIS’s role, pursuant to the NZSIS Act 1969 section 4(1)(bc), is to make recommendations on immigration matters to the extent that those matters are relevant to security. Any New Zealand criminal record is not, therefore, a consideration for the NZSIS,” she says.

Immigration NZ considered deporting Dotcom for the conviction, but with the process taking months, it will likely not be confirmed until the courts have decided whether to extradite the internet mogul to the USA for charges of mass-copyright infringement.

Dotcom himself had little to say about the NZSIS’ statement. He responded on Twitter: “LOL! Yeah right,” he wrote.

Laila Harre, the leader of the Internet Party bankrolled by Dotcom, shared: “[It’s] not SIS function probably, but a check should be made by NZIS.”

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