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Interview: Auckland Hebrew Congregation welcomes new Rabbi

Journalist Keren Cook co-hosts an interview on Radio Shalom with Joan Lardner and talk to recently-appointed Rabbi Nathanel Friedler.

Friedler recently joined the Auckland Hebrew Congregation (AHC) after three years leading a community in Adelaide. The family shifted to Perth and Nathanel became the assistant Rabbi in a community of around a thousand members.

Born in Israel, Friedler studied law and rabbinical ordination conjointly. After a year practising law and finding himself buried in paperwork, he realised he was suited to a career that was more people-orientated and found a niche with rabbinical studies.

During this interview Friedler shares his love of community and vision of Jewish life in the Diaspora. He says: “Judaism is all about being inclusive and communicating with people. That side of things really appealed to me.

“The prayer we recite when we return the Torah to the ark is about following the ways of pleasantness and the path that leads to peace.”

Friedler also expands on his personal and philosophical insights concerning his Rabbinical leadership and journey to-date.

Listen to the full interview below:

Keren Cook
Keren is currently working as a casual presenter at NZME and freelancing as a journalist and Director and voice over-artist. She recently project-managed New Zealand's Jewish Online Museum, and co-hosts a regular show at Planet FM.
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