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Auckland City Mission spreads Christmas cheer

The Auckland City Mission is one of the few remaining social service providers in Auckland’s inner-city.

This year they are spreading Christmas cheer with a campaign that is expected to help hundreds of families in need throughout Auckland.

The idea behind the campaign is that as many Aucklanders as possible will become ‘Someone’s angel’ for Christmas.

“Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the Mission,” says Izabela Lizonczyk, who is the executive assistant to the CEO of the organisation.

With the help of the ‘community of angels’, the mission hopes to provide Aucklanders in desperate need of food, medical care and support.

The City Mission aims to raise $1.3 million this Christmas, and so far $47,398 of has been raised. Ninety five items of food and 18 gifts have also been donated with 50 people volunteering as angels.

Samantha Worthington
Samantha is an aspiring broadcast journalist who loves to write, talk and most importantly, eat. Born and raised in Auckland, NZ.
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