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Dotcom’s tweet upsets Jewish community

Kim Dotcom has angered the New Zealand Jewish community after lashing out on Twitter over the FBI’s new legal move against his estranged wife Mona.

The internet tycoon fired off 13 tweets in two hours, attacking prosecutors in the United States for attempting to shut down Mona Dotcom’s claim to his legally restrained fortune.

Dotcom tweeted: “What the US Govt is doing reminds me of what I learned in school about Nazi Germany. Ironic, Hollywood is run by mostly Jewish entrepeneurs.”

In another tweet, Dotcom attacked Jewish Hollywood for what he believes is its role in driving the US prosecution.

NZ Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman says to imply that Hollywood is run by Jews is both naïve and inaccurate.

“Yes, there was a lot of Jewish involvement in the early days of Hollywood. It doesn’t happen nowadays. It’s a corporate world,” says Goodman.

This is the second time Dotcom has upset the Jewish community after it was discovered he had owned a copy of “Mein Kampf”, written by and personally signed by Adolf Hitler.

Goodman says the reported purchase of the book as an investment amounted nothing more than profiting out of someone’s suffering.

“Dotcom’s allusion to the US Government acting as “Nazis” is an insult to both those who suffered under their actions and those who fought against the oppressive regime.

“This includes New Zealanders many of whom died in the war.”

Listen to the news bulletin below:

Keren Cook
Keren is currently working as a casual presenter at NZME and freelancing as a journalist and Director and voice over-artist. She recently project-managed New Zealand's Jewish Online Museum, and co-hosts a regular show at Planet FM.
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