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Dating website draws criticism

An online website where a Newmarket man is asking for girls to apply for a date on Valentine’s Day is sparking controversy online.

Local businessman Liam Lorigan put up the website after deciding that he’s ready to date again in 2015.

His decision has drawn criticism from friends and family, says Lorigan.

“Some friends, some family – I can’t say who – sent me messages that were less than positive saying how embarrassing it was,” he says.

“I was considering deleting [my] Twitter because I spoke to someone and they said that it’s very public and that the 1 per cent will be the loudest and that they don’t let their children on it and they don’t have it either.”

The website has gained interest, although there haven’t been any applications to actually date Lorigan as of yet.

Some people are perturbed by the fact that his mum will decide the final candidate, but this is simply due to a friendly relationship the 29-year-old has with his parents, says Lorigan.

“My mum, especially, is a remarkable person whose gone to Sri Lanka, been a social worker [and is] the kindest giving person that I aspire to be,” he explains.

The website gained popularity through its heavy use of hashtags.

“Someone who actually knows social media properly said that it was a good idea,” says Lorigan. “She said ‘you need to have your own hashtag'”.

Lorigan was also criticised for publishing phrases such as “Sex: Yes please!” and “Bum: Brown”. Responding to the backlash, he said: “That was my humour, that was a joke from a movie quote from a movie.

“Some people will get it, and if they know me and they’ve met me hopefully they’ll just go ‘ok, that’s just him’.”

He adds: “Hopefully there’s enough content on there to show that I’m not in this for sex. I’m not in this to upset any ladies, or hope that they’d want to take any offence.”

You can visit DateLiam’s website here, or add him on Twitter or Snapchat with the username “liamlorigan”.

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