A super start to 2015


Superfoods were very much in vogue in 2014.

Kale, avocado, quinoa and beetroot were all deemed the ‘it’ thing to eat by health professionals and the like.

Clean eating and paleo diets all brought these foods to the foreground and had people everywhere racing to their nearest food store to stock up.

Now that these superfoods are here, it’s very likely that they won’t be going anywhere. So what’s new for 2015?

According to nutritionist and personal trainer, Ginny McArthur, there may not be a new superfood, but a superfood and a super product.

“I think the trend for anything coconut will continue. Coconut oil in everything!” she says,

Another item that is now on the menu, and is apparently here to stay, is the smoothie.

Lynda Smith, a nutritionist from Nutrition for Life, and a member of the New Zealand Nutrition society, believes smoothies are here to stay.

“I think smoothies will probably be popular for a while yet,” says Smith.

Photo by maltman23

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