Dotcom standing for Internet Party executive

Kim Dotcom didn't declare dangerous driving conviction. Photo / Wikimedia
Dotcom continues his political career despite being 'Poison'. Photo / Wikimedia

Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom is standing for the party’s executive board.

Chris Yong, the second list candidate for the party, is also standing.

Late last night the party posted the list of 13 members who are running for membership.

Those with membership to the party are able to start voting for their choice of candidate today, with voting closing at 5pm on Monday.

It’s expected Dotcom will retain the position of the party’s┬ávisionary, despite the risk of his extradition to the US.

Others running for the board are Dean Campbell, James Abbott, Peter Caper, Alexander Edmonds, Grant Keinzley, Fred Look, Michael Marsom, Salmon Patrick, Colin Smith, Michael Tucker and Marc Whinery.

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