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Losers win at the Oscars

None of the Oscar nominees will go home empty-handed this year. The contents of the gift bags this year are valued at more than $125,000.

Included in the smorgasbord of luxury skincare products is a lifestyle makeover package worth $14,200.

The most highly valued item in this year’s bag, according to Distinctive Assets, the bag’s creator, is a $20,000 gift certificate so that the stars can have someone read their 2015 horoscope, dream analysis and be instructed on mind control techniques.

Other products that seem to be making a hit are a $250 vibrator and a train trip through the Canadian Rockies, worth more than $14,500.

Who needs a little gold statue when you can learn mind control?

Greg Wattam
Greg has had a radio career spanning over 20 years. He has worked in China, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Greg started his career at Radio Windy in Wellington and was on the first privately-owned FM radio station in Hawkes Bay. He is also an award-winning chef.
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