Patriots’ comeback grounds Seahawks

Super Bowl XLIX. Image / supplied

The New England Patriots overcame a fortnight of off-field controversy and a ten point fourth quarter deficit to beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 at the Super Bowl XLIX.

It’s been hailed as one of the most exciting, closely contested Super Bowls of all time.

The game was played at the University of Arizona Stadium in Glendale Arizona.

The ultimite prize. Image / supplied
The ultimite prize. Image / supplied

Seattle blew a chance to win the game late in the fourth quarter. They were behind by four points with 30 seconds to go and camped just 1 yard away from the Patriots’ goal line.

The Seahawks had been successful with their running game all day. However Seattle coach Pete Carroll called a passing play that was intercepted, handing the win to New England.

NFL great and commentator Emmitt Smith said: “That was the worst play call I’ve seen in the history of football.”

The Patriots entered the game as two and half point underdogs against the defending champion Seahawks.

The build up to the game was surrounded in controversy after it was revealed that 11 of the twelve balls used by the Patriots in the last game were deliberately under-inflated.

An under-inflated football is easier for the Quarterback to through, giving the Patriots QB Tom Brady an unfair advantage.

Brady and Coach Bill Belichick denied all knowledge of what has become known as “deflate-gate”.

The win gives Brady and Belichick a record equaling four Super Bowl wins. Brady surpassed Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana for the most touchdown passes in Super Bowls, and cemented his place in history 10 long years after his last win.

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