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Bus company proud of achievement

Birkenhead Transport, alongside Auckland Transport, are celebrating the achievement of introducing 140 new services, and having only missed three of them throughout the day.

Commuters were disgruntled on their first day back to work this Monday when new city buses were rolled out, yet most of them were full.

Birkenhead Transport Ltd spokesperson Kelly Ikilei says that this was simply a result of tertiary students heading back to classes.

“The fact that tertiary institutes started back yesterday [meant] there were going to be a few teething issues,” she says. “Fundamentally, out of the extra 140 services we missed only three services.”

In an effort between the Kaipatiki Local Board, Auckland Transport and the company, a new bus line was created while another was taken off.

The 954, which went to and from Wairau Road, Glenfield to the city, was replaced by the 958, which goes to and from Constellation Station.

There is a city-bound bus also coming down the North Shore’s Onewa Road every 8 minutes from 7am to 7pm.

The groups have collectively added 4000 seats to the morning and afternoon networks.

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