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Beer drinkers on the decline

Beer drinking in New Zealand is on the decline.

Total consumption for 2014 was down 9.4 million litres to 457 million litres, according to Statistics New Zealand.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the beer industry, however, as the market for high strength craft beer has doubled since 2009.

Low strength beer also saw a significant increase year on year with a two third increase in consumption. There is speculation that this is due to the new blood alcohol limits introduced by the government in 2014.

The downward trend was similar in spirits and spirit based drinks, but interestingly wine consumption increased by 5.7 per cent.

Overall there is still plenty to go around as the volume of pure alcohol available per person 18+ was 9.6 litres, which equates to around 2 drinks a day each.

The statistics are gathered from volume of production and availability of alcohol in the market and not actual consumption.

Hugh Jannings
Hugh Jannings is an aspiring broadcaster and journalist with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He achieved his goals at the New Zealand Radio Training School.
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