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Boxing: Brian Minto speaks out

Brian Minto is passionate about boxing. In fact, he says boxing’s “been a blessing”.

His boxing career started when he was about 13 or 14. After college he gained a bit of weight and got into boxing again in his early 20’s. He started competing in amateur fights and had the opportunity to go professional.

Both of his nicknames – The Beast and The Butler Beast – came about when he was at an amateur gym.

Minto says: “I’m very determined, very tenacious and I’m a very intense person when I put my heart and soul into something.” He likes to call it The Beast Mode.

Minto tells me he wanted to take Kali Meehan into the ring because they had both fought Shane Cameron, and they both beat him. Minto thought it would make an interesting fight for the public.

The champion says that despite what people have said, he doesn’t feel he was the one to ‘end’ Cameron’s career, he feels they underestimated him.

Sky Arena’s John McRae offered Minto a spot in the upcoming Super 8 Tournament, which Minto says he was at first unsure whether to take part or not, but he now thinks differently.

“I take this as a blessing, I think I have a great opportunity to be here and [to] prove to everyone that that wasn’t me that night fighting with Joseph Parker,” he says.

I asked Minto about what actually happened during his training before the Parker fight.

To find out what Minto had to say, listen to my interview with him below.

Audio: Listen to a teaser for the interview

Audio: Listen to the full interview

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