Stonefield’s Market targeted by thieves

Latest target for theives, Speights Ale House Stonefileds. Photo by Cain Duff
Damaged Storeroom Door, Speights Stonefields. Photo by Cain Duff
Damaged storeroom door, Speight’s Stonefields. Photo: Cain Duff

Stonefields Market in East Auckland has been targeted by thieves.

The latest burglary happened in the early morning of March 11 at The Speight’s Ale House. Thieves gained entry by smashing a large glass door situated in the courtyard.

A large quantity of spirits and alcohol beverages were taken, but no cash. A store room door containing more alcoholic beverages was also damaged during the incident.

Owner Ben Squire said surveillance footage showed six to eight individuals were involved with the break-in. He says the suspects had all covered their faces during the break-in and were unidentifiable. Squire said the whole incident has been “frustrating and a waste of time”.

This is the first break-in at Speight’s since opening in September 2013.

Security patrolling Liquor King Stonefields. Photo: Cain Duff

Liquor King Stonefields was targeted by thieves several times over the past year.

After the third break-in, Liquor King increased security, hiring First Security to routinely patrol the premises at night. And more recently introducing retractable security doors. The business has not been hit by thieves since the upgrade.

Police say no suspects have been identified in the Speight’s case.

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