Bid farewell to Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer. Photo: Supllied
Microsoft Internet Explorer. Photo: Supplied

The Nickelback of internet browsers, Internet Explorer, will be signing off at the end of the year, it has been confirmed.

The browser, which was launched by Microsoft in August 1995, will be replaced by a new project called Spartan. Marketing chief executive Chris Capossela says the company is rebranding and renovating the browser when Windows 10 is released later this year.

The new product will bring a “faster, sleeker alternative that will encourage users to download on their PCs, smartphones and tablets,” says Capossela.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has had its share of issues – sluggish performance and consequently frustrated users. And in 2013 the company was fined $987m (NZD) because users were not given the option to choose a different browser.

Internet Explorer was an essential tool for early internet users in the 1990’s, but has since found itself competing with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer turns 20 this year.

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