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Salvation Army says no to state houses

The Salvation Army has put a major road block in the Government’s plans to sell-off of state houses.

In a key policy announcement at the start of the year Prime Minister John Key announced a plan to sell up to 8000 state houses to community groups, with the Salvation Army proposed as a group to take up the offer.

But Major Campbell Roberts believes that won’t be happening, saying it doesn’t have the resources required for such a huge undertaking.

“When we looked at all the complexities which were involved we felt that as one single organisation, one community organisation, we couldn’t do it,” he says.

Greg Wattam
Greg has had a radio career spanning over 20 years. He has worked in China, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Greg started his career at Radio Windy in Wellington and was on the first privately-owned FM radio station in Hawkes Bay. He is also an award-winning chef.
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