The Bachelor hits New Zealand

Natalie is a contestant on NZ's The Bachelor. Image / Facebook
Natalie is a contestant on NZ's The Bachelor. Image / Facebook

Reality TV show The Bachelor has made its way to New Zealand.

Twenty one women all fighting for the heart of one man: New Zealand’s own bachelor – 26-year-old Arthur Green.

The competition of love kicked off on New Zealand screens two weeks ago, and it’s probably fair to say that the women on screen aren’t the only female hearts swooning over dreamy Arthur and his washboard abs.

Natalie is a 23-year-old event assistant from Pukekohe, and a contestant on the show.

For some people, watching reality television is a bit of a farce, pointless too. But for Natalie, even applying to be on the show was exciting for her, a new adventure.

“I just thought, why not? I’m single, hate my job, and need a change, and this was the perfect opportunity,” she says.

Reality TV can also at times be misleading. Is there really the designated “mean girl”, or is she actually a nice person?

Natalie says there wasn’t one girl she didn’t get along with and that she not only learnt a lot about herself on the show, but she made some good friends, too.

“Meeting all the amazing people I did, not only Art but the girls were all great,” she says.

And what of the bachelor? Viewers sitting at home watching the show see a well polished, gorgeous and extremely nice guy, which Natalie says is completely on point.

“He’s great! Down to earth, friendly, courteous, funny, and not bad on the eye either,” she adds.

Natalie got herself into an awkward situation in one of last week’s episodes where she interrupted an intense and slightly emotional conversation between Art and one of the other contestants.

After the episode had aired, someone had even created a meme about Natalie and the sticky situation.

“It’s weird when people recognise you from the street, etc. and the crazy responses on the internet, being both positive, and also negative,” she says.

It’s a tough competition, with some endings less happy than others. But for the young event manager, there are no regrets.

“It was an amazing experience, no regrets maybe just a few lessons on what to do or say next time,” says Natalie.

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