Animal welfare group wants change

Paw Justice Facebook profile picture. Image / Paw Justice
Paw Justice Facebook profile picture. Image / Paw Justice

Animal welfare group Paw Justice is petitioning to take on online retailers and the Government in a bid stop the growing trend of puppy mills in New Zealand.

A puppy mill is a commercial factory farm breeding dogs exclusively for sale via online websites like TradeMe. Many of the mills keep puppies and the breeding dogs in very poor conditions, often caged full-time until sold.

The breeding dogs are forced to have litter after litter of puppies, and the puppies are often taken away from their mothers far too early, causing a variety health issues.

It is very common for puppies to arrive shortly after sale to veterinary clinics with gastrointestinal issues, growth deformities, and shunts.

Paw Justice is working with vets and lawyers to propose a new set of regulations to try and bring a better quality of life to the animals.

However, factory pet farming is not just an issue for dogs, kittens are being farmed too.

Veterinary nurse Danielle Stokes says: “I had a kitten recently that had been sold to an unsuspecting owner with severe cat flu. I contacted the breeder and they knew about the issues but are continuing to breed.”

The animals are also known to be fed very poor diets. “I have heard of breeders feeding puppies a combination of powdered milk and Weet-Bix, all they care about is a quick buck,” adds Stokes. 

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