A relay for life

Karas 'Team Pacman' at the 2015 Relay for Life. Photo: Kara Hardley-Rout
Karas 'Team Pacman' at the 2015 Relay for Life. Photo: Kara Hardley-Rout

Cancer. A cunning killer.

A sensitive topic for most, especially for those who have suffered, struggled, survived.

For Kara Hardley-Rout it is an especially sensitive topic. Her eldest sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She lost her father to a number of different cancers in 2005, and a few other close friends and family have also lost their lives to cancer.

Turning negatives into positives is never easy. For Hardley-Rout, Relay for Life is her positive outlet.

“My first ever Relay for life event, I remember it well. It was March 2005, the year after our dad passed away. Dad contracted a number of different cancers due to the defoliant agent orange while serving his country during the Vietnam War,” says Hardley-Rout.

Relay For Life is an amazing community event that gives everyone a chance to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer, and raise awareness and funds.

Hardley-Rout has taken part in a few of their events, including shaving her hair twice to raise funds.

“In January this year I shaved my hair off for the Cancer Society and, including this year, I will have participated in four Cancer Society Relay for Life events,” she says.

So what’s next?

“Cancer is a huge thing in our family. We have lost a number of family members and friends to various types of cancers, and anything I can do to help raise funds in hope of a cure, I will do,” she concludes.

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