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UFOs ‘lift off’ in Ellerslie

Share International NZ recently held a free community event about UFOs and their Spiritual Mission in the committee room at the Ellerslie War Memorial Hall.

Up to 30 members of the community attended the multi-media presentation by Peter von Dinklage and Gordon Tye.

Share International is an international not-for-profit organisation and follows the teachings of the ‘Masters’ and highly evolved people like Benjamin Creme and the World Teacher, Maitreya.

This was one of a series of seminars that Share International NZ have been hosting on a monthly basis in different suburbs of Auckland since February last year.

Last November, March and April of this year have attracted the largest audiences. Each month a different speaker offers information about Share International NZ and the ‘ageless wisdom teachings’.

Accountant Mr Tye is a member of the Epsom and Howick groups. He says “it’s not a religion, but a belief system that embraces everyone”.

He adds: “Our purpose is to act as an information centre for what we believe is going to happen to the world – it’s really the transformation of our planet, nothing less. We are passing out information – humanity can accept it or reject it.”

There are no leaders – rather a group of people who align themselves to ‘transmission meditation’.

Transmission meditation is a meditation for the new age, an opportunity to serve the world and is said to change the individual. It is claimed that some of the benefits include more determination, improved consistency in the workplace and even healing.

The seminar displayed a variety of photographs of UFO sightings from around the world, including New Zealand. Mother ships, crop circles, circles of light and spiral light displays were also featured as global phenomena.

Presenter Mr von Dinklage says that our space brothers and sisters are in the etheric invisible sphere. On Mars alone, he reports there are six billion space brothers and sisters who co-exist in peace and harmony.

“Venus is a sacred planet where there is no evil, the UFOs play a role as they are part of this solar system, when they see us falling behind, they come to help. They are helping us behind the scenes, they are loving and highly evolved,” says Mr von Dinklage.

According to Share International, governments don’t want information about UFOs to be disseminated because they are so much more advanced than we are.

“A climate of fear has been created – including Hollywood making money out of the mystique and all different kinds of reptilian kind of UFOs which we believe is totally untrue,” says Mr Tye.

“Humans don’t have etheric vision, and our space brothers and sisters are from Mars and Venus. Some are from Saturn and Jupiter – they can’t live in dense physical bodies, as our climates are too harsh.

“They come to rid the planet of pollution, the most pollution is through nuclear radiation, we only understand physical, liquid and gas, that’s all our science recognises, but there are four levels – subtle etheric levels,” says co-presenter Mr Tye.

Share International NZ members confirm there have been UFO sightings all around the world, including recent sightings. They say anybody can see them, but you have to be watching a night sky. They can be many shapes, a small disk craft – bell-shaped, some cigar-shaped. Some of the big mother ships are five or six football fields long.

Mr Tye says: “You don’t go into this unless you develop your awareness, and you develop your intuition, which I believe is more like higher mind. We have a physical body, emotional astral body, and we have a mental body and our persona, above that we’ve got our soul. We’ve got to align with our soul and that is our evolutionary journey.”

Share International NZ will hold their next meetings about UFOs on May 16, at Mt Eden Village Centre, and June 27, at Ferndale House in Mt Albert, Auckland.

For more about Share International NZ, contact Megan Scherer over at

Listen to the interview below:

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