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Community spirit strong

Franklin Says Thanks are on the look out for their latest community member to reward.

Last year Daniel Gericke, thanks to a generous group of local businesses (Franklin Says Thanks), was chosen to board the Spirit of Adventure yacht for a trip of a lifetime. And now they want someone for 2015.

Each business involved puts in $20 a week so that opportunities like sending a worthy teenager on the Spirit of Adventure can happen.

“We are looking for one girl or boy, between the age of 15 – 18, we will pay $1900 for them to go on a 10 day voyage on The Spirit Of Adventure,” says organiser Geoff Dickey.

The Spirit of New Zealand is an annual character-building trip for students between the ages of 15-18. A three-masted barquentine (sailing ship) originally commissioned in 1986, she is believed to be the world’s busiest youth ship.

A seasoned SONZ sailor, and watch assistant on the ship, Nathan Denmark believes it is a great learning curve for teens.

“It’s an excellent way to get teen thinking about leadership, teamwork, their environment, and each other,” says Denmark.

During a voyage, trainees will learn about themselves and their ability to become leaders.

Dickey says they are after someone who will take advantage of the opportunity, someone who will reap the rewards.

”It’s really hard trying to pick that one person,” adds says Dickey. “What it came down to last year was which child is going to benefit more from it.”

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Samantha Worthington
Samantha is an aspiring broadcast journalist who loves to write, talk and most importantly, eat. Born and raised in Auckland, NZ.
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