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Green means go, red means pay day

Thousands of people make their daily commute to and from work; some even driving for more than an hour to get to where they need to be.

Throughout this journey the roads are scattered with traffic lights, a point of annoyance in most commuters’ travels. Stop, slow down, go, stop… again.

Sometimes, it’s not a matter of having to stop at the red light; it’s what comes next that really grinds their gears. 

Sharon Bailey of South Auckland has had enough of window washers at intersections.

“I was getting really fed up of them washing my screen without asking and being at times intimidating when expecting me to pay,” says Bailey.

After airing her frustrations on a local Facebook group called ‘The Franklin Grapevine’, Bailey found she wasn’t the only one that had reached the end of her tether.

Bailey was sent signs by the Manukau Business Association which are an attempt to warn off any potential window cleaners.

“I put a post on the grapevine a couple of days ago and got a great response and was sent those signs,”adds Bailey.

A member of the Business Association says that the dashboard signs are an obvious warning for window washers, and that they give drivers who feel intimidated the freedom to express their opinions.


Photo by DaveBleasdale

Samantha Worthington
Samantha is an aspiring broadcast journalist who loves to write, talk and most importantly, eat. Born and raised in Auckland, NZ.
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