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MyIdol: The app taking the world by storm

You may have seen a creepy, 3D-animated version of your friends filling your Instagram or Facebook feeds recently and wondered, “What on earth is this?”

You also probably questioned, ”How do I do that?” Well, I am here to help.

The Chinese app is called MyIdolwhich, ironically, is the only English word in the entire software. Though it’s very confusing to navigate, funnily enough this is what users find most thrilling.

MyIdol has even captured the hearts of celebrities including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Sam Smith.

The app, which is available for free on the Apple App store (sorry Android phone owners, you won’t be able to join in the fun just yet) takes your selfie and completely transforms you into something weirdly cool.

I have volunteered to show you how:

1: The app needs your face to begin with. MyIdol allows you to upload your own picture, or if you’re brave enough, take one using the app’s built-in camera right away. It should look a bit like this:


2: Once the app processes the image, a bunch of re-adjustment features will request you to make sure everything is in proportion. Then you’re good to go! You’ll then need to figure out how to continue. For your convenience, I’ve circled in red which button to press.


3: Now it’s time for some fun! Once the app has finally processed the image, your 3D-self will appear! However, if you’re not a male, the app will automatically assume you are. So after some deciphering, I figured out how to become a female. From here onwards, you’ll easily find ways to explore the features that allow you to pick out your own outfit, change your hair, choose an eye colour, and put on shoes.


4: Now get moving! From these (hopefully) helpful tips, you’ll be able to delve deeper into what really makes people want to use this app. Once you’re happy with the end product, click the symbols in the top right corner and you should end up with this:


The arrows are pointing to the features I’ll let you explore. So, go ahead and see where they take you.

Whether you want to walk the runway, bring sexy back, or even try your luck pole-dancing, you’ll find yourself glued to this addictive app just like the millions of other people globally already have.

Stevee-Jayde Arkell
Stevee-Jayde is a young aspiring broadcaster who has recently relocated from the Hawke's Bay to Auckland to further her education. Stevee-Jayde has a love for all things media and is excited to explore the future of journalism and radio.
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