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Celebrating 100 years of ANZAC

100 years since 2,779 New Zealand men died during the Gallipoli Peninsula landings in Turkey. 5,212 men were wounded and in total, 7,991 casualties.

The majority of New Zealanders set their alarm clocks earlier than usual on the April 25, a Saturday morning, all in the name of ANZAC day.

With events all around the country kicking off at 6am for dawn services, New Zealand had it sorted when it came to celebrating the centennial.

It was an eerie feeling standing amongst the estimated 30,000 strong crowd in the Auckland Domain, and although it was tough to see the cenotaph it was still worth the trip. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, some would say.

For Kim Hyland-Mills, the dawn service she attended was a nice tribute to the fallen.

“A lovely ANZAC dawn parade and service in Pukekohe this morning,” says Hyland-Mills.

Hyland-Mills also says something extra special happened during the ceremony in Franklin. “Directly after the NZ National anthem a shooting star pierced the dark sky above us!,” she says.

Pukekohe wasn’t the only town with things flying through the sky, at the Auckland Domain RNZAF planes flew over the colossal crowd, to close the ceremony and pay respect to ANZAC soldiers.

Dawn Parade at the Auckland Domain
Image/Samantha Worthington  Thousands attended the ANZAC dawn parade at the Auckland Domain

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