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Charli XCX gets fancy in Auckland

Charlotte Emma Aitchison – better known as her performing name Charli XCX – got fancy during a free concert at The Powerstation in Auckland this week.

A young unsigned Kiwi artist named Maya Payne of Christchurch was hand-picked by Charli to open for her, which is understandable because music giant Spotify named her single, If Only, as one of the best new releases in the world.

Charli XCX live in Auckland Photo: Supplied
Charli XCX live in Auckland. Photo: Supplied

Charli XCX appeared on stage in a two-piece zebra outfit with go-go-girl style heels and yelled, “I flew all the way over to f***** New Zealand, so give me something !”

This sent the crowd into a whirlwind of excitement.

Giggling, Charli glanced to the right of the stage, and asked, “Is it okay if I swear?”.

The bubbly singer performed all her hit singles from I don’t care To Fancy, a song she collaborated on with Australian pop star Iggy Azalea, and she used her vocal talent and personality to bring a sense of sass to the song.

Charli came back on stage after a brief pause dressed in a birthday cake outfit (candle and all) to announce that it was her bass guitarist’s birthday. The 22-year-old then encouraged the crowd to join her in singing Happy Birthday.

After prancing around on stage, Charli XCX apologised: “Sorry that was weird, I’m going through a weird thing in my brain, and I’m dressed like a cake!”

The UK singer brought her youthful energy to the stage and had the crowd up and dancing to every track.

Charli XCX and her band are such incredible performers who deserve a lot more recognition than they get.

Rating 4/5

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