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Models promote positive body image

Ashley Graham Photo Youtube
Ashley Graham. Photo: YouTube

Five women have banded together to promote positive body image across the globe and within the modelling industry.

A plus-size model by the name of Ashley Graham has teamed up with Marquita Pring, Julie Henderson, Inga Eiriksdottir and Danielle Redman. They’ve named themselves ALDA, which means wave’ in Icelandic.

The women are looking to make waves in an industry that they believe focuses heavily on having one body type.

Ashley Graham kiss out perfect butts
Kiss our perfect butts. Photo: Supplied

In the latest issue of Icelandic Glamour, the five ladies make a powerful statement by stripping down, with the aim of kicking labels like ‘skinny’ or ‘fat’ to the curb – and helping make women of all shapes and sizes feel confident in their own skin.

The models met secretly for a few months before deciding to really make and impact on the industry, and make sure models are being showcased for their uniqueness. Their message is also about building self esteem, and about women not focusing on their dress size.

ALDA says: “It shouldn’t matter if you are a size 2 or 12. Every model should be represented equally.”

Check out the video below which these lovely ladies posted on their Instagram account.

????????#behindthescenes #beautybeyondsize #ALDAWomen @glamouriceland ❤️

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