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Matilda Rice wins Bachelor’s heart

The first season of The Bachelor NZ has seen the final Bachelorette, Matilda Rice, win Art Green’s heart.

Rice and fellow contestant Dani Robinson were the final two left standing after winning over 19 other women for a place in the final.

In the finale, Green took both women to meet his family, and were later grilled by his mother. Robinson confessed her love for Green, and said “if he’s ready for an engagement, then I’m all in too”. Cue raised eyebrows from Green’s mother. Rice was then asked if she wanted children and what she wanted in her future.

Both ladies had a final date with Green, which saw Rice getting pooped on by a koala, and Robinson swimming with dolphins.

And the moment when Green said to Rice that “it had always been you” undoubtedly had hearts skipping beats all over New Zealand.

The episode had an average of 429,540 viewers for the finale, according to

Post The Bachelor finale

Eight weeks after filming had finished and the final was aired, Green and Rice were finally able to go public with their relationship.

The pair swiftly took to social media, and each shared a snap of the moment when they had ultimately won each other over.


I won. @matootles

A photo posted by Art Green (@art_green) on

The couple has been involved in several interviews, with the regular question being “how will they deal with the pressure with all of New Zealand invested in their relationship?”

Both say they want to “take it slow”, and believe “that love is a big thing for both of them”.

The New Zealand Herald compiled a list of the most talked-about rumours surrounding the pair:

Rumour 1. The Bachelor is back with his ex-girlfriend

One of the most widespread rumours doing the rounds is that Art has ditched the show’s winner in favour of reuniting with his ex-girlfriend. This is categorically NOT true, we’ve been told.

In fact, his ex-girlfriend lives in France, where she works on super yachts. Word is she wasn’t too impressed by Art’s decision to become the Bachelor and this is a deliberate red herring.

Rumour 2. The Bachelor is bi-sexual

This is another tall tale doing the rounds on social media. Sources close to the Bach say it’s 100 per cent not true. Besides, if there was any truth to this, we’re sure Mike Puru (the host of the show) would have kicked those gals to the curb and got himself a piece of Art’s heart. If only.

Rumour 3. A customs crack down caused major wardrobe malfunctions

Avid viewers will have noticed that not every fancy frock was as well-fitting as it could or should have been. Apparently the girls were forced to squeeze, shimmy and Spanx their way into dresses after some of the frocks were held up at customs. We have it on good authority this is a true story – and was apparently the biggest drama to play out behind the scenes.

Rumour 4. The Bachelor was paid $65,000 for his role, plus thousands more from mag deals

While it is true Art was paid for his role on the show, we have no idea where this figure came from. A MediaWorks spokesperson told us: “As with all the shows, talent are paid a small fee to cover their expenses while they are on the show.”

Internationally, stars of the franchise reportedly earn six figures for their star turns, with thousands more on offer for appearances and endorsements.

As for any magazine deals, sources tell us it’s highly unlikely he will have been paid anything for stories to date as they will fall under contractual publicity obligations. Once the show ends, money will be on the table – with big bucks (between $10 – $20,000) on offer for any exclusive announcements, like an engagement or break up details.

Rumour 5. The Bachelorette spin-off is in the works

Much though we would love this to be true, inside sources tell us it’s pure fan fiction at this point. Word is it took producers weeks to find just one attractive, articulate, eligible male willing to go on the show and they hold out zero hope of finding the 21 needed to make The Bachelorette a reality.

After the final episode

The ‘Bachelorettes’ came together last week for a drama-filled reunion, officially titled After the Final Rose, which aired on Tuesday night.

The episode gave the women a chance to share behind-the-scenes secrets, share their feelings on having their heart broken by Green, and what they thought about the other girls.

It was the first time Rice and Green had been publicly seen together since becoming a couple.

Robertson shared that it was hard for her to watch when Green said to Rice that it had “always been you”. She felt that it “discounted and took all the value out of the relationship that we had”, and that she felt “disrespected”.

Green said that he “was legitimately torn towards the end”, but he came to a realisation and realised “it had always been Matilda”.

Both Green and Rice said they were “relieved” to finally be able to go out in public together and do “normal couple things”.

The episode revealed that there will be another season of The Bachelor.

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