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Review: Stephen Witt in ‘Diddle’

11061236_481182465378427_4467642240051269458_nIt’s always exciting heading to Q Theatre, because there really isn’t anything like the experience of live entertainment.

After a quick stop off at the bar for a compulsory wine, we headed downstairs to The Vault. It’s a small but cosy venue. We grab a couple of seats in the first row, and the anticipation begins. You never know if sitting in the front row is a good idea, especially as it’s a comedy show. But hey, live a little!

A microphone stand, a wooden stool and a tall glass vase with a couple of roses adorns the stage. It’s simple yet quirky, and it’s already got me smiling.

Before long the opening act, Pax Assadi (2013 Billy T award nominee), made his entrance. Tough gig to be warming up the crowd, but this guy had it covered. He was funny, clever, classy and rough!

We laughed, we cringed, we related and we were very much entertained. He’s the kind of guy people would gravitate to at parties. The “what will he do next?” type. Assadi definitely kept us all clinging for more.

Then, at the height of our giggling, the main act appeared.

Wearing a slick grey shirt, black bow tie and hair combed over to the side, Stephen Witt skipped on stage and instantly won our hearts.

He kicks off with a bit of audience interaction, talking to the audience and making quirky remarks. The dad jokes and puns are in full swing. The kind of material that would usually make you cringe, but his execution and impersonations are just so on point, it’s pure genius. He talked about his life and instances we can all relate to. The South Auckland anecdotes and abbreviations are woven in perfectly, TBH (see what I did there?). That was one of his favorites. TBH – to be honest. The LOLs were then in full flow.

My favorite part was his thoughts on the exaggerated use of emoticons. His intelligence shone through and I couldn’t help but giggle when he giggled.

The end of the show included a spot-on impersonation of an American YouTube tutorial. I thought, “Please stop, my cheeks hurt from all the laughing”. The accent. The language. The pausing. Just perfection.

All in all, it was a great night out. The show was exactly what the title said it would be.

The best nights out are always ones with close friends, a few drinks, and one of the group acting a right monkey, or in this case – a Diddle.

Listen to Samantha-Jane Harding’s interview with Stephen Witt here.

Book your tickets for Stephen’s show ‘Diddle’ through the NZ International Comedy Festival website.

Samantha-Jane Harding
Samantha-Jane is a multi-talented 27-year-old with a passion for communication, entertainment, and adventure. She graduated from the NZ Radio Training School in 2015 with a Diploma in Radio Journalism.
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