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Campbell Live: the end of an era

The clock has been ticking for John Campbell, and now his time is up.

MediaWorks announced today that Campbell will not continue to present on TV3’s current affairs show.

The news follows unrivalled support for Campbell Live and Campbell over the past month.

The show came under review six weeks ago due to low ratings. Over the past few weeks, ratings have dramatically increased. The review was led by MediaWorks boss Mark Jennings.

“The review has clearly shown us what’s most relevant to our audience at 7pm is current affairs, but not Campbell Live as we know it,” said Jennings.

MediaWorks will continue with a current affairs show four nights a week, with two new presenters.

Campbell was offered a three year contract on the revamped show but declined the offer and has left MediaWorks, the company says.

Campbell Live producer Pip Keane tweeted that they are still finalising Campbell Live‘s final day on air.

Laura Barker
Laura is following her dreams to become a journalist. Currently studying at the New Zealand Radio Training School she also has a BA in Anthropology. She aspires to become a snow reporter and to finish watching every episode of Gilmore Girls.
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