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Opinion: New chapter for John Campbell

Let’s talk about John. Not to be confused with the other Johns – Key and Banks – who have also had their fair share of media coverage of late.

Let’s talk about the mighty John Campbell.

The John who gave a voice to people suffering in Christchurch around the time of the quakes, long after other media packed up their equipment and left.

The John who helped raise money for children in poverty, when Key was so obviously focused on other things.

We shouldn’t talk about him as though everything is lost, doomed, or dead. Rather, this is a chance for Campbell to take a breather and turn over a new leaf.

You couldn’t help but sympathise with Hilary Barry the other night on 3 News, when she broke down and couldn’t speak about Campbell’s departure. Campbell has touched a lot of New Zealanders, even in his own work place.

So what’s next for Campbell?

You could say that Campbell lives and breathes journalism, (he’s been in the industry since 1989). So it would be right to assume that his next step is his passion of presenting news to the masses.

Will he go back to his roots at Radio New Zealand? Or a different TV network? It would be an interesting show if Mike Hosking (Seven Sharp) and Campbell were to host a show together. Though my reckoning is that the Seven Sharp team will be celebrating at Campbell Live‘s departure.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime TV3 has big boots to fill, and a crowd of loyal Campbell followers to please with their new “evolved version of Campbell Live”.

TV3 boss Mark Jennings says the final show will air on Friday 29th May, and Campbell will probably sign off in his normal fashion, saying “and a very good evening to you”.

Georgia Dunstan-Brown
Georgia has had a passion for the media ever since she was 10 years old. Now she's pursing her dreams in a career she is starting to love. Originally from Wellington, she's currently living in the Big Smoke to grab as many opportunities as she can.
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