Concert Review: Six60 in New Plymouth

Six60 Concert. Photo: Supplied
Six60 Concert. Photo: Supplied

Six60, Raiza Biza and Mt Eden Dubstep brought their energetic stage presence to New Plymouth’s TSB Arena on May 21st. And I was lucky enough to enjoy an awesome and powerful concert in my home town in Taranaki.

Raiza Biza, a performer from Hamilton who I had never heard of before, owned the stage and made me feel like I should get to know his music.

Mt Eden is one of those bands that every Kiwi knows. Jesse and Harley took turns at singing, MCing and DJing. The performance from these two was just outstanding and I would love to see them live again. They did a fantastic job at hyping up the crowd for Six60.

My friend and I have followed Mt Eden since they released music on YouTube. We found ourselves singing along to every song they played. One thing that made me fall in love with Harley was when they started to mix their hit song Sierra Leone into their set music. My friend and I lost our sh*t and just started rocking out. We noticed that we were the only ones in the crowd going mental. Harley also noticed and began to point and jump with us.

I’d been told by friends that Six60 would the best live performance I would ever see. They were right. The boys kept an amazing upbeat feel throughout the entire concert. The crowd was continuously pumped and shouted every lyric to each song.

The Dunedin band brought high energy to every beat which exploded and echoed throughout the arena. It seemed that everyone in the crowd felt the energetic pull of their stage presence.

They played the entire evening creatively weaving between old and new tracks. Ji Fraser [lead guitarist] and Chris Mac [bass, synths] ecstatically moved to their own groove and really got us engaged in the concert.

At one point they had distracted the crowd so well, that when the lights went down and the arena was silent, a single light came down near the rear of the venue and there stood Matiu Walters [lead singer]. He sung acoustically with nothing but his guitar.

Once he had finished his enchanting set, there was only one way to get back to the main stage – straight through the middle of the crowd.

All round, I found it to be a great experience and I enjoyed the concert from start to finish. These boys really know how to put on a fantastic show. If you have a chance to attend one of their concerts, it’s a MUST.

Rating: 5/5

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