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Tiki Taane shows support for animal welfare

Singer Tiki Taane showed his support for an animal welfare group in Auckland’s Aotea Square on Friday.

Taane features in a new calendar for the charity Chained Dog Awareness NZ (CDANZ), which aims to raise both money and highlight the issue of chained dogs.

The organisation has put together an 18-month calendar called Hunks And Hounds, which includes appearances from New Zealand music legend Tiki Taane, Paralympic gold medallist Cameron Leslie and Shortland Street star Reuben Milner.

Chained Dog Awareness NZ, a company that has been around since 2001, deals with cases where puppies or dogs are chained or tied up by their owners, and start developing social issues.

Celebs signing calendars. Photo: Diane Raimona
Signing calendars. Photo: Diane Raimona

CDANZ finds a lot of dogs that have been neglected physically and mentally, from lack of interaction, food, water and also shelter.

Most of the work that CDANZ is doing is to raise awareness and educate people on training, diet and nutrition, and how to kennel their dog. Ultimately teaching people how to become responsible dog owners.

The calendar was officially launched at the event on Friday, and some people who attended were lucky enough to have their calendars signed.

If you would like to donate, purchase merchandise or read more about what CDANZ is all about, head on over to

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