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Real Groovy’s building to be demolished

Iconic music store Real Groovy will be moving to a new location after it was announced the building that houses the business will be demolished.

Inside Real Groovy
Inside Real Groovy. Photo: Diane Raimona

For the past 25 years, the music shop has been in its 438 Queen St, Auckland, location. Real Groovy founder Chris Hart says, “It’s been an amazing location for us”.

The building that houses the business will be demolished early next year to make way for apartments.

Real Groovy is known as a place where you can dig through their enormous vinyl collection, buy CDs, novelty gifts, band merchandise and also sit down and enjoy a beautifully made coffee.

Fans of the store have been quoted by the New Zealand Herald as saying they are not worried about the move, and that it won’t stop them from shopping there.

David Saunders of The 3D’s, who played with Nirvana at their New Zealand concert in 1993, told the Herald that its “sucks” and “I just worry that there aren’t many other places like that where bands can play”.

Student Daniel Barber says: “That’s what happens when you download music,” while Victoria Stoker of Auckland calls Real Groovy “one of the greatest stores ever”.

People have been posting to social media to show their support:

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