Banksy’s sinister twist on Disneyland

"A family theme park unsuitable for children." Photo: Youtube

Disneyland is known as “the happiest place on earth”, though Banksya pseudonymous British graffiti artist has created a satirical version of the popular tourist attraction and called it Dismaland.

Constructed in the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare, Dismaland is a five-week art project funded by Banksy, involving 58 artists such as Damien Hirst and Jenny Holzer. The exhibition is scheduled to run until 27th September.

The creation of the dystopian “bemusement park” was kept secret prior to its opening. Curious residents were told by Banksy’s spokespeople that the unused, shut down swimming pool complex was being reconstructed for a Hollywood crime thriller.

In an attempt for customers to have a dismal and depressing experience, Dismaland has everything from a crashed website to grumpy guards to queues of over 1000 people.

In an interview with Sunday Times, Banksy describes the exhibition as “a family theme park unsuitable for children”.

“It’s not a swipe at Disney,” he said in a press release. “I banned any imagery of Mickey Mouse from the site. It’s a showcase for the best line-up of artists I could imagine, apart from the two who turned me down.

“It’s a theme park whose big theme is – theme parks should have bigger themes.”

The exhibition explores themes behind animal abuse, pollution, paparazzi, the European migrant crisis and many more. Most of the exhibits are twists on traditional fairground rides.

Watch the trailer for Dismaland below:

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