Find my iPhone put to the test

Find my iPhone app is an essential tool for tracking and locating your Apple products. Photo: Supplied
Find my iPhone app is an essential tool for tracking and locating your Apple products. Photo: Supplied

Have you ever lost your iPhone?

Imagine losing all your contacts, photos, videos, and data. What would you do, where would you start?

What if you could track the exact location of you beloved phone? Well, you actually can with the Find my iPhone app.

Designed for Apple products, the app helps reunite owners with their lost or stolen phones. Not only do you have the ability to track and find your iPhone, but it also allows you to monitor your other Apple products like iPads, iPods, and Macs.

To remotely use the App to access features, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and an iCloud account.

App features:

Features available form remote access of App
Features available remotely on the app.

Play sound: This feature enables an iPhone to emit an audible tone even when in silent mode. This feature is ideal for finding you phone when located within your proximity.

Lost mode: This mode enables you to customise a message to be displayed on the phone’s screen whether it’s locked or not. This message can include a number to call so whoever finds it can contact you.

Erase iPhone: Your last resort. Use this function if you’re confident that your phone is lost forever. Switching on this feature will erase all the information on your iPhone and lock it, rendering it useless for future use.

The app put to the test:

The unthinkable happened to me last week. Yes, I lost my iPhone.

After hopping off a train at Auckland’s Britomart, I noticed my phone was not on me. After frantically searching my pockets, I concluded that my phone was gone.

Thankfully, I had previously switched on the Find my iPhone app.

I rushed to the nearest computer I could find and quickly logged into my iCloud account.

Within seconds, I was able to pinpoint the exact location of the iPhone.

Indication of device location using Find my iPhone App.
Indication of device’s place using Find My iPhone app.
Multiple view options are available for map including satellite, hyper and normal.
Multiple view options are available for map view.











After calling the phone repeatedly, I walked down Auckland’s Queen Street to track down the phone from the location provided.

On arrival, I was able to pinpoint that the phone was located within the Citi building on Customs Street East. The only problem was that the building is 14 stories high with no sign as to which level the phone was on.

The app indicated that the phone was still switched on, so I was optimistic that the person who found it would eventually answer my calls.

The phone was put into lost mode at this stage. By the next day, there was still no sign of movement or contact made to return the phone. Things weren’t looking good. The phone was still on, but the battery was running low.

I returned to the Citi building and went to the American Consulate, which I’d approached the previous day. A security guard suggested I pay a visit to a company called Transdev on the seventh floor.

After arriving at Transdev, I notified the receptionist of my situation. As it turns out, I had spoken to the receptionist the day before about my lost phone.

She said she’d “have another look” and went to retrieve a container of lost and found goods. I took a glance at the box and spotted my phone. I was overwhelmed with joy to be finally reunited with my phone.

It’s understandable why no one answered the phone when I was calling it. The phone was sealed in a bag and placed in a box full of other lost and found goods.

Overall, the app was very accurate at tracking down my phone, right down to the place where it was found. Without this app, I would have had no idea where to start looking.

If you have an iPhone or other Apple product, I would strongly suggest that you get Find my iPhone. It’s completely free and the app could save you time and money.

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