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Jamie Lawson’s last intimate show

For the last show of his world tour Jamie Lawson played an intimate gig at Tuning Fork at Vector Arena.

Up first for the night was a band by the name of The Milltones.  They played what I can describe as soulful and upbeat blues, with their talent completely shining through.

The pair, Milly and Liam, played their set acoustically. Each with their own guitar, Milly also sang and occasionally burst into a groovy harmonica solo.

It was the moment the crowd was waiting for. Jamie Lawson took the stage and instantly the atmosphere changed.

After captivating the crowd with his first song, the UK singer, songwriter let his personality surface. He told the sound engineer his guitar was up too loud.

Someone in the front row yelled out and said he sounded great. With a large smile on his face, Jamie responded with “It’s good for you, yes, but for me it’s too loud”.

With every sound that boomed from his lungs, it felt like he was massaging my heart with his bare hands.

Jamie had quirky little stories to explain the inspiration behind almost every song.

For example, he said, “This next song is called The Darkness, it’s about loving someone so much you kill them” He then added that he wrote the song after watching an episode of the Australian T.V series Neighbours. 

His advice to Kiwis was not to watch Neighbours. 

Another track by the 39-year-old singer, Only Conclusion, was written for piano. He added that he wrote the song while watching an episode of the US hit TV show Big Bang Theory.

JL’s song, Don’t Let Me Let You Go, was co-written by Amy Wadge. Amy also co-wrote Ed Sheeran’s hit Thinking Out Loud

While touring Australia the previous week Jamie Lawson was asked by an Australian radio show Nova 96.9 to cover a song. The song he chose from their long list of songs was Umbrella, which is originally performed by American Pop singer Rihanna.

Jamie decided to play it again for us and, OMG did he kill it!

After expressing his appreciation for New Zealand music, Lawson shared with the patrons of The Tuning Fork that Neil Finn was his Hero.

Jamie Lawson finished the night on his hit single Wasn’t Expecting That, and then a song from his new album, Ahead Of Myself.

The last moments he spends in the spotlight, Jamie said, although the crowd was the quietest he had performed for, but it was his best gig so far.

My advice to anyone who enjoys soulful and heartwarming music is to experience Jamie live.  There is an enormous element of passion and sincerity in his voice that makes him so unique.

Jamie is the first artist to be signed up to Ed Sheeran‘s recording label Gingerbread.

Rating: 4.5/5 

Jamie Lawson says New Zealand may have been the best response:


Jamie Lawson performs Umbrella for Sydney’s Nova 96.9:

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