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Coroner: Man unarmed when shot by police

A Slovakian man who was shot by police last month was was not armed at the time of his death, a coroner says.

The new information came to light from a minute released to lawyer and blogger Graeme Edgeler.

David Cerven, 21, was shot and killed in Auckland’s Myers Park on August 2. He was not carrying a knife as he had reportedly told police, according to the coroner.

Coroner Katharine Grieg will not be commenting on the case until the investigation is complete.

The public account of events, as well as Mr Edgeler’s information from the Coroner’s office, say that:

  • David Cerven was shot by police officers in Myers Park, Central Auckland, on August 2, 2015.
  • Cerven died as a result of the injuries he sustained when shot.
  • Prior to being shot, Cerven had told attending police that he was armed.
  • After being shot, Cerven was found to be unarmed. No weapon was found at the scene.
  • The coroner has ruled that there is currently reasonable cause to believe the death was self-inflicted though this is in no way a concluded view on the matter.

In the lead up to the shooting, it is alleged that Cerven, a Slovakian native who came to New Zealand on March 20 on a working visa, took part in three North Shore robberies to pay off a debt accrued before coming to New Zealand.

Auckland’s Police District Commander, Superintendent Richard Chambers, told TVNZ.CO.NZ he hoped “Mr Cerven’s death would act as a reminder to anyone who threatened to use firearms in the presence of police that such threats would be treated seriously and responded to appropriately in order to protect the public and the safety of staff.”

The investigation continues.

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