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Vox Pop: Man drought for Auckland women on ‘mate street’

It isn’t just middle-aged women who are struggling to find the right guy in Auckland.

More and more young women are finding it hard to find the perfect mate.

Census 2013 figures showed that single male numbers were at an all-time low with particular ‘drought’ around the “prime age for marrying”.

But it appears that the younger demographic is also now affected.

Of the women surveyed in Auckland City last weekend, ranging from 18 to 22 years of age, only twenty percent were in a “happy and secure” relationship – with almost all the remaining women on the hunt for the right man.

They listed a broad range of reasons for their single predicament, but offered few answers about why it was so hard to find a single man.

Law student Nicole Harry, 19, said that she has struggled to find the perfect guy but feels that social trends, for her, dictate how she meets men.

“Because I’m so focused at uni, I tend to find myself only meeting men when I go out clubbing,” she said. “I definitely don’t think clubs are the best place to find the right guy.”

Emma, 21, a barista from Herne Bay, said she thinks the maturity level of younger guys could also be a major turn off.

“Guys my age seem to be more interested in just getting wasted and hunting for one night stands rather than finding a relationship, and I think most girls aren’t into that,” she explained.

Most of the women interviewed agreed that night clubs and social situations tended to be the where they end up meeting men, purely by default because of social habits.

Because of this, they looked at men who were great in conversation and in a nightclub environment, a great dancer. Other important factors in finding a man in a nightclub or bar included “respect, nice eyes and a good sense of humour”.

Vox Pop: What women look for in men in a bar or club:

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