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Concert Review: Toni Braxton stuns Auckland fans

I was lucky enough to win tickets to see Toni Braxton perform at the Logan Campbell Centre last night. Braxton is an absolute favourite 90s singer of mine, along with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

My friend and I arrived late at the concert because we thought Braxton would come on stage late. Except this time, she was early.

We stood in line at the bar. Suddenly, Braxton’s sultry and seductive voice flowed through the foyer doors. I heard “it’s just another sad love song”, and my attention to her presence excited me. 

She sounded beautiful. 

Weaving through the crowd, we found our seats. The vibe was positive, and energy levels high.

Braxton said she was newly single and divorced. She’s happy and surrounded by family. Her sisters are on stage with her. Towanda is celebrating her birthday, and the band look delicious.

A few members of the audience were chosen to join Braxton on stage, including a couple that had been together for 17 years. Her playfulness with male audience members made good entertainment, and everyone was hooked. She interacted willingly, and her humour went down well with her Kiwi fans.

Braxton sang to the audience, and we sang along with her. The singer dropped a Notorious B.I.G cover and the place erupted. 

First loves and first heart breaks came to mind. The tears shed, and memories created.

It felt like a “letting go” of sorts. Pouring your heart into every lyric sung. One thing for sure, there was nothing but love in the air. For the artist, for the music and the songs.

Braxton thanked the Auckland crowd repeatedly, saying she felt the love she was receiving. The atmosphere of the evening was one of love, harmony and positive vibes.

For her encore, she sang Breathe Again, and it made me realise a few things:

  1. I really am that old
  2. Love songs in the 90s were a lot more real
  3. I need to take time out for me and just breath

This was one of the best gigs I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.

Romana Trego
Romana is ambitious, driven and an aspiring journalist. Her passion is music and people and one day she hopes to interview the thousands of talented artists in this world and get the chance to tell their stories.
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